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 Made in the USA

  • Each panel is printed on 100% acid free cotton/polyester artist's canvas.
  • Canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars (wooden frame).
  • The depth  is approximately 1 1/2 inches.
  • No extra frame or glass needed.
  • Ready to hang on your wall.


There are  6 basic “Canvas Sizes” you can buy with QuotesMusic.  They are..

  1.  5 Panel X Large 92w x 40h (Shown)
  2.  5 panel Large 72w x32h
  3.  3 Panel X Large 62w x 40h
  4.  3 Panel Large 56w x 36h
  5.  1 Panel X Large 40w x 30h
  6.  1 Panel Large 24w x 18h


Size Guide (Size Guide)
Price $99.99